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Macap M2M *Bonus Tamper, Tamp Mat &1kg Coffee Beans

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Macap M2M


Coffee Grinder

M2M Black is a small but solid coffee grinder from Macap. Micrometric adjustment of grinding degree enables precise grinding. The height-adjustable portafilter support is made of durable metal that is encased in rubber for efficient use and for gentle treatment of the portafilter. The switch bracket for attaching grinding also functions as a holder for the portafilter, which means that when grinding there is no need to hold the portafilter. The coffee grinder is very easy to use – the grinder grinds as long as the portafilter holds the switch. Macap M2M is easy to clean outside and inside so that the coffee grinder always looks good and the ground coffee always smells and tastes good. The M2M Black is equipped with an easily accessible power switch for easy on and off.

The M2M Black has a relatively small bean holder, room for 250 g of espresso beans, which means you can grind coffee to about 25 espresso per filled coffee grinder. An advantage of a smaller format bean holder is that it takes up less space. The coffee grinder’s stylish and classic design combined with the black finish means that the M2M Black fits into any kitchen.


Why You Should Get the Macap M2M

The admission of espresso beans on Macap M2M is adjusted with a flat washer that you can easily pull from or towards the grinder. If you want to remove the bean holder from Macap M2M, but there are still espresso beans inside, you can push the flat tray in so that it covers the entire opening and then rotate the bean holder upwards. This can be advantageously done if you want to clean the mill or suspect that a problem has arisen in the mill. To clean the grinder, remove the bean holder and pour a dose of grinder cleaner into the grinder. The bean holder is then placed back in place. Its advised to follow the directions. Generally a couple of portions are required.

The flat grinding discs of 50 mm in circumference grind coffee 1 g/s. The advantage of flat grinding discs is mainly its long service life and short grinding times. The degree of grinding of the coffee grinder can be adjusted with the help of a knob. If you wish to adjust, turn the knob a little at a time. If the coffee grinder M2M Black is set up reasonably well, usually only a small change is needed. To check when the coffee grinder is correctly set, you can grind coffee into one espresso and then brew this. Try your hand until the espresso is brewed at the right pace at the right time.


Due to portafilter design, shape, and/or sizing, the following espresso machines and equipment brands are not compatible with this grinder: All Gaggia, All Krups, All Delonghi, All Braun, All Mr. Coffee,  All Cuisinart and Elektra (Microcasa A Leva only)

Property Value


393 mm


152 mm


254 mm

Burr Size

50 mm

Burr Type

Property Value

Burr Speed

1680 rpm

Hopper Capacity

250 grams


5 kg

Warranty Service Provider Email

[email protected]

Warranty Service Provider


Warranty Service Provider Phone Number

1300 865 206

Manufacturers Warranty Period

1-Year Parts and Labor
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