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Generally family members all like their coffee made a slightly different way so, a versilte machine type like GAGGIA - Cadorna Prestige, Anima Prestige and Accademia. DR COFFEE - F11 - (2 Litre water tank). BRUGNETTI - Giulietta, ORCHESTRALE - NOTA ECM Mechanika - Slim (Vibrational), Technika V PID would suite you best.
All our machines are designed to last for years and thrive with frequent use, but if you're looking for a particularly robust and efficient machine we'd recommend the GAGGIA - Cadorna Prestige, Anima Prestige and Accademia. DR COFFEE - F11 - (2 Litre water tank) BRUGNETTI - Giulietta ORCHESTRALE - NOTA ECM Mechanika - Slim (Vibrational) and Technika V PID
The GaGGIA, La Pavoni, ECM and ISOMAC brands all have models to suit compact spaces brand features compact and petite machines that perform well in any space on your countertop.
A grinder is a necessity if you wish to make fresh and full flavour coffee. If you're looking for quality and reliability, then the Mazzer grinders are great to browse. If you want a feature-heavy and innovative grinder, then we'd recommend something from the Eureka range.
A budget shopper can't go past the GAGGIA - CLASSIC, Magenta Plus or Cadorna Plus. CIME -CO-11. ECM - Classika PID coffee machines. They are accessible to all shoppers looking to invest in a premium coffee machine.
You'll be surprised by how easy to use our premium domestic machines are. Once you've experienced the intuitive nature of using one of our machines and tasted the difference, you'll never be satisfied with coffee pods or instant coffee again.
We know you need just the right amount of foam atop perfectly roasted beans. The AUTOMATIC= GAGGIA Accademia, Dr. Coffee F11 - (2 Litre water tank). MANUAL = IZZO Alex Duetto IV Plus BRUGNETTI Giulietta, ORCHESTRALE - NOTA and ECM Synkronika - Dual Boiler Rotary PID coffee machines are perfect for coffee connoisseurs who seek a high level of control over the flavours and textures in their coffee.
All our machines are designed to be easily disassembled and reassembled to allow easy cleaning of each part of the coffee machine.
When selecting the best coffee machine to suit your needs, it's important to first consider some key points of difference between automatic and manual style machines. AUTOMATIC Automatic style coffee machines (including super-automatic machines), generally offer the user greater levels of automation in the coffee brewing process from grinding, tamping, brewing and milk. Most are incredibly user friendly and offer many programmable functions like various customisable drink options, coffee strength, temperature control, milk length and many more. Automatic style machines offer very consistent results taking a lot of the guesswork out of the coffee making process. Automatic machines are very well suited to someone looking for minimum fuss good coffee, quickly! MANUAL Manual style coffee machines are those favoured by true coffee lovers. This style of machine requires more user interaction in the entire process of grinding, tamping and brewing. In reward, you are given the satisfaction of being able to master the art of coffee making and equally enjoy the fine classic aesthetics of a beautifully crafted machine on your benchtop! These machines offer more complete control allowing the user to refine many aspects of the process to create their own perfect shot. Manual Machines have the additional requirement of a grinder to complete your own home barista package and allowing you to master the art of being a home barista.
Grinders are used to grind fresh beans directly into the porta filter resulting in the best tasting espresso. Any Semi Automatic or Prosumer style machine will require a grinder as these style machines do not have built in grinders.
With a Single Boiler machine, the boiler has one heating element with two thermostats. One thermostat is set for a temperature range that is ideal for brewing coffee and the other is set at a temperature meant to boil water and produce steam. Brewing coffee and steaming milk (or hot water) can not be done at the same time. Once a coffee has been extracted and the machine switched to steam, the boiler will then take a moment to increase the temperature in the boiler to that suitable for steam.
A heat exchanger has only one boiler, set to a steam temperature. It has another smaller “boiler” inside, a heat exchanger rod that passes through. as the water travels through the heat exchanger rod, the water heats up. The water should heat to a temperature perfect for espresso extraction.
A double boiler has two boilers on a single machine. Each boiler for a function. One is the brew boiler, set at a lower temperature. The other a steam boiler which is at much higher temperature. By keeping them separate, the user will have full control over the brew temperature and is more consistent in the extraction.
We recommend all machines to be serviced every 12 months to ensure optimum performance.
Machines equiped with PID controllers allow users to set the brew temperature.
Portafilter is also sometimes referred to as a "group handle" is the component of the espresso machine that holds the ground espresso beans (coffee grounds or puck) prior to and during the brewing process.
Office or work environments usually require a machine capable of producing multiple coffee's in a short period of time and that of course offer great durability. We have a selection of purpose built automatic easy to use machines for the office along with high quality Prosumer style machines to suit. Please contact us and we will be sure to run you through the best solutions for your requirements.
Unfortunately Coffeeteca do not currently ship outside of Australia
Yes, we certainly do
Shipping costs and ETA's vary dependant on many factors including your location, the weight and quantity of the product along with the shipping provider's delivery schedule. This will need to be determined at the time of your order.
Returns Policy - No returns accepted unless product is damaged (due to manufacturing fault) and exchange on only un opened and unused product. These cases will be determined on a case-by-case basis. For further information, please refer to our Returns Policy in the footer of our website
Unfortunately Coffeeteca do not accept returns unless it is due to a manufacturer fault that cannot be fixed. For further information, please refer to our Returns Policy in the footer of our website.
Please refer to each product description as warranty periods vary between products.
In this case, please contact Coffeeteca via email [email protected] and provide a detailed description of the issue (if possible pictures can also be a great help). Please also supply your contact details in the email and one of our friendly team will contact you directly.
Coffeeteca have access to repair agents and would be happy to assist you in obtaining a quotation and fixing your machine. (Please be advised these costs are not covered by Coffeeteca)
You can contact a member of our team by emailing us at [email protected]
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