Mazzer Mini Electronic Model A *Bonus Tamper, Tamp Mat & 1kg Coffee Beans

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Mazzer Mini Electronic Model A

Espresso Grinder

The Mazzer Mini Model A comes equipped with an electronic automatic dosing system, which allows you to program and dose single and double shots by time at the press of a button. You can also press and hold the manual grind button, lifting your finger once you’ve reached a desired amount. The Mazzer Mini Model A retains the high performance motor found in the standard Mini, as well as the short bean hopper, but that’s where the similarities end. The manual timer dial is replaced with electronic controls integrated atop the grounds dispenser, which funnels grounds evenly into the middle of your portafilter. The single and double shot buttons can be programmed by time to dispense automatically when pressed. We also appreciate Mazzer’s attention to detail in their design; for instance, the controls can be lifted from the top of the dispenser and handily clipped onto the side, and the portafilter can rest hands-free in the holder during grinding. The Type A is a serious upgrade to the Mini line, with its easy and intuitive operation, and our personal favorite among them.

Why You Should Get the Mazzer Mini Electronic Model A White

The Mazzer Mini Type A boasts 64mm stainless steel burrs, which have a larger surface area on which to grind than the standard Mini. The Model A is also stepless, meaning its burrs can essentially be adjusted infinitely by turning the collar in small amounts. Now, this grinder is capable of producing coarse or fine grinds, though, in the case of stepless grinders, we recommend commiting to espresso or other fine grinds in order to avoid serious dialing in before every use. The burrs are easy to access for cleaning, and calibrating them afterward is simple, too. If you prefer strictly manual operation, the standard Mini or Mini P are great options; or, if you want a more hands on automatic dosing experience, check out the Mazzer Mini Model B.

Infinite Grind Settings

The Mini Model A is a stepless grinder, meaning you can make adjustments in increments of your choosing, rather than a limited, factory-designated amount. This is ideal for dialing in your grind for better tasting shots on any prosumer machine. The Mini Type A can grind for coarse brew methods, too, though we recommend using a separate grinder for those.


Heavy Duty Motor

The Mini Model A was designed to handle a commercial load; the direct drive motor draws 250 watts and operates at 1600 RPM. It’s so quiet that when operating without beans you can barely hear the motor. As a safety feature, the Mazzer Mini Type A has an overload switch that turns the machine off to prevent any damage due to foreign objects getting stuck in the burrs.


Programmable Timed Grinding

The Mini Model A lets you program a single and double shot to dispense for a particular amount of time on demand. Programming is intuitive using the simple menu and controls, and the number of shots ground are stored and displayed on the screen. Slide your portafilter into the hands free holder, press the button, and the Mini Type A’s got your shots covered.


Short Hopper Design

The Mini Model A comes with a short bean hopper to provide more room to fit underneath your kitchen cabinets. The shorter design gives the hopper a height of just 100mm when in place, but it still has a hefty capacity of 1 lb. The bean hopper is made of durable clear plastic, and can be removed while the beans are still in it to make it easy to swap them out.

Property Value

Recommended Application

Residential / Commercial

Display Type


Type of Controls


Frame Material

Aluminum (Cast)

Grinder Setting Controls / Adjustment Type


Burr Diameter (mm)


Grinder Burr Type


Dispensing Method


Grinder Drive System

Direct Drive

Ground Coffee Container Material


Recommended Grind Selection


Bean Hopper Capacity (g)


Grinding Method

Flat Burr

Clearance Height for Portafilter (mm)


Programmable Grinding

Single, Double, Manual
Property Value

Bean Hopper Material


Housing Color


Housing Material


Depth (mm)


Height (mm)


Weight (kg)

10.2 kg

Width (mm)


RPM (Burrs)


Sound Level while Grinding (dB)


Number of Grinder Settings


Warranty Service Provider Email

[email protected]

Warranty Service Provider


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1300 865 206

Manufacturers Warranty Period

2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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