La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione

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La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione

La Pavoni, a titan in the world of coffee, is responsible for the world’s first commercial and domestic espresso machines. The La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione combines both sensibilities: It has three gauges that let you monitor steam, brew, and group head pressure for your ideal espresso; a tactile manual lever; and a heat-exchange mechanism that lets you brew coffee and foam milk at the same time. It comes equipped with an insulated copper boiler for energy saving and increased thermal stability.

The large 3-litre tank and heat control mechanisms allow you to brew back-to-back coffees, with a Solenoid valve that keeps the puck dry after each brew. The key difference between this machine and the Cellini Classic is the ability to connect to a direct water source, making the Evoluzione a better option for commercial settings or homes that want to integrate the machine into the existing plumbing.

The Evoluzione also has a rotary pump, which is extra-durable and quieter than standard espresso machines. The steam wand and hot water tap, perfect for Americanos or tea, stay cool to the touch. The top of the machine, with a metal edge, is designed to store coffee mugs and cups, as the heat of the machine warms them. The stainless steel body is easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. Every part has been made in Milan, and the machine is built to last for decades.

Features of the La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione

  • Two portafilters, with single and dual spouts
  • Filter baskets for single (7g) and double (16g) doses
  • Tamper
  • Blind filter basket and cleaning brush
  • Coffee scoop


A semi-automatic lever espresso machine ideal for home or small-to-medium commercial kitchens, with a durable and relatively quiet rotary pump and braided hose for the option to plumb the machine so it has a direct connection to water.



- Stainless steel shiny body. (AISI 304)
- Press forged chromed brass groups with valves infusion chamber.
- Boiler in copper equipped with transversal heat exchanger. Capacity : 1,8 lt
- Electro professional rotary pump (not vibration type pump) with external pressure adjustment
- Water supply 2.9 litre fresh water reservoir or alternatively by turning the control switch, steel braided direct water connection



- Electronic control reservoir water level.
- Electronic automatic water level.
- Electronic control of the boiler water level
- Anti – vacuum valve.
- Steam wand anti sunburn
- Hot water outlet anti burn
- Manometer for the boiler pressure control.



- Gauge for pump pressure control
- Pressure switch commercial SIRAI
- Manual reset safety thermostat
- Power feeding 220-240 Volt 50Hz
- Absorbed power 1400 W

Property Value


2.9L fresh water reservoir

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Property Value


Steel, brass, copper

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[email protected]

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1300 865 206

Manufacturers Warranty Period

1-Year Parts and Labor
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