Izzo Vivi Dual Boiler Duetto PID

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Izzo Vivi Dual Boiler Duetto PID

The Izzo Alex Duetto VIVI PID is a compact and efficient espresso coffee machine, perfect for home or office use. It includes a PID controller with an automatic shot timer, low water alarm, and sensor to offer a prosumer espresso experience. It comes in a beautiful stainless steel curved body styling with oak wood accents at all touch points. The powder coated case on the machine makes for an impressive presence on countertops and has proved to be easier to maintain and keep clean.

It deploys a system with a single insulated copper boiler (1.5L capacity) and heat exchanger. This boiler heats incredibly quickly and has the power to pull shots and steam milk at the same time. It also includes a valve positioned in the lower part of the machine for easy drainage. Plus, there is a dedicated pressure gauge for boiler pressure control.

The manual lever E-61 brewing group with automatic pre-infusion, ensures temperature stability and as a result improves extraction. The mushroom, gicleur, and top nut in the brewing group are made of stainless steel. It uses a vibration pump to ensure consistent pressure for perfect shots of espresso. The internal 2L water reservoir is easily accessible and can be filled without removing it from the machine. Its large redesigned drip tray is mounted magnetically to ensure a secure fit. Also, the increased distance between drip tray and coffee group allows the usage of larger cups.


  • Ergonomic 58mm portafilters: one single and one double.
  • Brush and cleaning cloth.
  • Stainless steel and wooden handle tamper.
  • Cover fabric coverage for the machine.

How to use the Izzo Vivi Dual Boiler Duetto PID:

  • Make sure to fill up the boiler tank and water reservoir before using the machine.
  • Lock a filter into the portafilter and fill the finely ground coffee into the filter. Compress the ground coffee with the tamper.
  • Clamp the portafilter firmly into the brew group.
  • Place a cup under the spout of the portafilter.
  • Raise the brew lever to dispense the coffee.
  • When the cup has been filled with the desired amount of coffee, lower the lever.
  • Dispense steam using the wands included for frothing milk. (Refer the manual)

Care and Use:

  • Always let the machine cool down to room temperature before cleaning.
  • Never immerse the machine in water; there will be danger of an electric shock.
  • Porta-filter, filters, water tank and drip tray require daily cleaning. Clean with warm water and/or with a food safe detergent.
  • Clean the steam and hot water valve after every use.
  • Make sure to clean the reservoir thoroughly to prevent limescale buildup. It will affect the quality of coffee dispensed in the cup.
  • Use a soft, damp cloth for cleaning. Never use abrasive or chloric detergents.

Kindly refer the instruction manual included before using the coffee machine for the first time.

Alex Duetto offers some of the best dual boiler coffee machines for use at home in the market today. So try one of its machine and enjoy great tasting espressos and cappuccino in comfort of your home. Indulge in real Neapolitan espresso experience!

* Please note that the Black or White machine colour options are at an additional cost. Standard option is the full stainless steel.


- Dual boilers both made of Stainless Steel
- USB connection (If software revisions easily uploaded)
- Built in 7 day timer to turn machine on/off throughout the week
- Mushroom in group made of stainless steel
- Nut on top of group made of stainless steel
- High grade stainless outer shell
- Fame constructed of stainless steel



- Stainless steel adjustable feet
- Extremely quiet rotary pump
- Motor installed on top of rotary pump
- Pump adjustable from outside, adjust the pump without disassembling the machine
- Lever action, E61 commercial group with automatic pre-infusion
- PID with shot timer integrated
- PID controller for the group boiler (with 1.0 degree Fahrenheit adjustment)



- PID controller also controls the steam boiler temperature (and thus pressure)
- Boilers with built in drain plug (easy to drain boilers for storage or shipping)
- Lever control to allow switching water source from direct plumb to water tank
- Heating elements access, change heating elements without disassembling the machine
- Rubber insulating boots over heating element ends for safety



- Large redesigned drip tray, holds 908 g. of water
- Drip tray with magnet mounted for more secure fit
- Ergonomic angled portafilters, for ease of use and good feel
- Cup warmer tray with stainless steel rails
- Reinforce front to reduce flexing
- Discharge into drip tray goes down instead of forward, silicone tube no longer visible
- Easy access expansion valve



- No-Burn articulating steam arm
- No-Burn articulating hot water arm
- 3 different style tips (2 - 4 hole, 1- 2 hole, 1 -3 hole)
- Stainless steel base 58mm tamper
- Large removable drip tray (includes option to drain if desired)
- Quieter upgraded SSR Power Relay
- Water tank 2.0 liter with low water sensor (cuts power to heater)
- Low water sensor in the reservoir
- 15 or 20 amperage operational mode

Property Value







Group Head



Body: Stainless Steel, Boiler: Copper
Property Value

Water Tank

2 L

Steam Boiler

1.5 L




35 cm


45 cm

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[email protected]

Warranty Service Provider


Warranty Service Provider Phone Number

1300 865 206

Manufacturers Warranty Period

1-Year Parts and Labor
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