Dr Coffee C11

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Dr Coffee C11

This boutique-style coffee machine is designed for homes and small offices. With as many as 15 recipes available at the mere touch of a button, a wide range of flavour options, 8 user profiles, a smart colour control panel, quiet operation and easy maintenance, the compact and stylish Dr. Coffee “C11” has it all. It’ s the perfect choice for those who dream of having a loyal and reliable barista straight in their home (or office) kitchen!

Why You Should Get the Dr Coffee C11

178″ mm Smart Control Panel

This coffee machine is particularly easy and enjoyable to use thanks to its 178 mm smart control panel that looks like a tablet. This control panel is also equipped with a special coating that protects the screen from unsightly fingerprints.

Maximum Freshness

Ground separately for each serving, your coffee is then sent straight to the brewing unit. The internal design of this coffee machine has been created in a way that ensures there’s no residue of beans that have been ground earlier. This results in a cup of coffee that’s as fresh as it can ever be.

Ceramic Burrs For Drinks Of The Highest Quality

Flat ceramic burrs turn beans into perfectly uniform granules, bringing out their unique flavour and guaranteeing coffee of the highest quality. You can adjust the grind to your taste: choose from 9 different grind size options.

Quiet Operation

The ceramic burrs and clever design of the appliance combine to ensure whisper-silent operation.

Compact And Stylish

Despite its large bean, water and grounds containers, this coffee machine takes up little space. Its stylish, modern, minimalist design means it’s suited for any interior: place your new appliance in a prominent position, in full view of everyone, and turn it into the centrepiece of your kitchen.

Easy Maintenance

Automatic programs for rinsing the appliance, cleaning the brewing unit, descaling the machine and rinsing the milk system make this coffee machine easy to maintain. Forget all the hassle and enjoy delicious coffee brewed with ease!

For Homes And Offices

While this coffee machine has been originally designed for home use, it’s suited well for small offices too.

– Recommended number of servings: 30 cups per day

– Coffee bean container: 280 g

– Water tank: 2 l

– Grounds container: 15 servings (1 serving = 10 g of coffee)


15 Drinks with a Single Touch

Just touch the drink icon and your coffee machine will serve it in a flash. Choose ristretto, espresso, cafe crema, americano, cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato, macchiato, flat white, americano with milk, espresso with milk, warm milk, milk foam or hot water for a cup of tea.


Coffee just the way you like it

Customise your coffee recipes to suit your individual preferences: change the amount of ground coffee, the duration of pre-infusion, serving size and the temperature of your drink. Experiment and enjoy beverages brewed exactly as you like them!


Automatic Milk System

“C11” boasts a fully automatic milk system with a tube built directly into the coffee spout. Simply put the tube straight into a milk bottle (included in the set) and watch as your machine produces milk foam worthy of a professional barista.


8 User Profiles

Alongside you, seven other coffee drinkers will be able to change recipe settings in any way they see fit. The coffee machine boasts 8 user profiles, each allowing the user to create their own personalised drink menu.

Property Value




Dr. Coffee



Coffee machine uses

Coffee beans, Ground coffee

Milk system type

Automatic milk pipe system

Burr type


Does coffee machine prepare hot water?


Does coffee machine prepare hot milk?


User-created recipes


Height-adjustable coffee spout

140 mm

Cleaning program


Automatic rinsing


Descaling program


Milk system cleaning program


Coffee grounds capacity (portions)


Coffee bean tank

280 g
Property Value

Water tank

2 L

Coffee grounds capacity (portions)



46.3 cm


44.7 cm


26.3 cm


14 kg

Brewing unit cleaning program


Country of Origin



EU plug (and certified UK conversion plug is included)

Cup warmer


Warranty Service Provider Email

[email protected]

Warranty Service Provider


Warranty Service Provider Phone Number

1300 865 206

Manufacturers Warranty Period

1-Year Parts and Labor
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